Permanent Makeup Pre & Post Treatment Guidelines

Updated: Oct 4, 2021


For Brows

Please wax, thread or pluck any stray hairs away from the area before you come to your appointment.

For Eyeliner

Eyelash extensions must be removed at least 24 hours before the treatment. If you wear contact lenses, please only wear you glasses to the appointment.

For Lips

If you are prone to cold sores, it’s likely you will have a breakout, we strongly recommend that you begin a course of either Aclivor or Lysine tablets 5 days before and after your treatment. Please exfoliate and moisturize your lips for 5 days leading up to your appointment, you can use a gentle salt or sugar scrub for this followed by lip balm.

  • Avoid drinking coffee or taking ibuprofen or aspirin (unless medically advised)

  • Avoid the gym, jacuzzi, sauna or swimming pool for 24 hours, any hair removal, tinting or eyelash perming should be done 48hour prior to your treatments.

  • The week prior to your appointment please apply your micro-balm or a moisturizer to the area daily.

  • Ensure you’ve been patch tested at least 48 hours prior and have completed all treatment forms.

On The Day Of Your Treatment

  • You must be in good health and not be pregnant

  • Any medical conditions should have been discussed at the time of you booking or consultation

  • Please eat before your treatment to help with your blood sugar levels.

  • We are not allowed to pre-numb the area for you, however, should you wish to do so yourself, please read the enclosed leaflet carefully and follow the instructions.

  • Ensure you allow plenty of time for your appointment.

Post- Treatment


After the first 6 hours, gently wipe the area clean with a gauze and some micro-tonic or cooled boiled water. Pat dry and apply a small layer of micro-balm to the area with a clean cotton bud, repeat 2-3 times a day for the first 3 days. On days 4-21, continue to apply your micro-balm for the best results possible.


After the first 6 hours, apply a small amount of micro-balm to the area with a clean cotton bud, repeat twice a day for up to 21 days. Avoid eye makeup until the area has completely healed.


You can apply your micro-balm immediately post procedure and throughout the day as needed, apply before and after eating and drinking. Avoid any makeup o the area until completely healed.


As soon as you procedure is finished, your body will start to heal, The skin will close and you may feel a thin scab which will protect the area whilst the skin heals. After a few days, the scab which will start to come away, revealing the pigment. You will initially see a lighter hue from the implanted colour, this will change and settle over the next 4-6 weeks, in some cases, the proper colour, post-healing can not be seen for up to 3 months.

Please note, this is a two-stage process. It is not deemed complete until you have had both of your treatments. Your second treatment should follow within 4-6 weeks, after this time you will be charges a colour boost price.

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