Returning to work & Covid19

The following information is to inform you of the procedures that have been put in place at The Beauty Business to enable the Salon to re-open with both your safety, and ours, as priority.


During lockdown, we have been updating our infection control knowledge and taking additional courses in COVID19 to ensure that we can continue to deliver all treatments to the highest safety standards possible.


We will be adhering to the rules and regulations set out, and will continue to wear full PPE during your treatments. Risk assessments have been carried out within the salon and on all treatments to ensure ongoing safety.



Each client will be asked to fill out a COVID19 form which will be emailed to you prior to your appointment. Please ensure this is returned as quickly as possible to avoid your appointment being canceled.


If you, or members of your family, have been feeling unwell or have come into contact with somebody with any of the COVID19 symptoms, PLEASE DO NOT COME TO YOUR APPOINTMENT. Do not worry about canceling last minute - it's more important that we keep everybody safe.


All bookings have been allocated extra time to allow for the equipment and salon to be meticulously cleaned down between each client. The Salon will also be deep cleaned at the end of each working day.


Please make sure that you attend your appointment on time to avoid disruption to the cleaning downtime or coming into contact with other clients. We would ask that you please stay in your car and message that you have arrived, and we will then come and let you in to avoid touching the doorbell. Please attend your appointment alone as it will be a strict "one in one out" policy at this time.

The salon will be in a strict clinical state - no soft furnishings, towels or pillows. When entering the salon, you will be asked to wash your hands thoroughly and masks should be worn at all times, we will provide you with a mask if you don't have one. I know wearing a mask can feel very warm and stuffy but we have aircon on in the salon to make sure it doesn't get too hot. No food or drinks are permitted in the salon.


To avoid the handling of cash and touching the card machine we would ask where possible that you either pay online prior to your appointment or by bank transfer. 


These procedures have been put in place for your safety and we will continue to take advice from the government and local council and amend them as necessary.


Thank you,

The Beauty Business.

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