Intermate, warm, hot wax or sugar paste?

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

I decided to put this out there as I have been “de fuzzing” woman for 25 years and time and time again I have been asked when waxing and in particular intimate, why I use different wax/paste.


Used mainly for the body i.e.; legs, arms, torso, bikini sides, etc, applied with a spatula and removed with strips, it should NOT be use on the intimate area as this is extremely sensitive and the chances are that you would end up being either skinned or bruised.


This is used for intimate waxing; the wax is applied using a spatula and allowed to cool, the therapist will flick a lip of the wax away from the skin to create a hold and rip away from the skin taking only the unwanted hair.

Some Waxsperts also use hot wax on brows and underarms.


A completely natural product which is great for the most sensitive skin and can be use on any part of the body. It is my absolute go to for intermate waxing as it is less painful extremely soft and very quick and easy to use.

Sugar paste is also amazing for your more mature cliental in need of a little help with excessive facial hair and will leave their skin soft and clean without any harsh waxy residue.

So in a nut shell this is it.However, if you had any question please feel free to message me.

Happy de fuzzing!

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