What's the difference between Classic, Russian and Hybrid Eyelash Extensions?

Updated: Oct 6

With so many words like classic, Russian and Hybrid lashes flying around its can be really hard to know what it is you actually want from your eyelash technician, and with style contently changing I felt I would simplify this for you….

Classic Lashes

These are single lashes in varying lengths and widths which are glued onto the natural lash at a 1 to 1 ratio. Classic lashes are perfect if you have a good healthy amount of your own lashes and desire a full natural effect.

Russian Volume Lashes

These lashes are very different to a classic look, the ratio of extension to natural lash vary and can be lightweight volume to heavyweight volume in set. To create this look lashes are hand made into lash fans of between 3 to 6 individual lashes and bonded together when being attached to the natural lash thus creating a thicker, uniformed, volume look.

Hybrid Lashes

My personal favorite of the lash extensions!

Hybrids are a mix of Classic and volume lashes; they give a texturized thicker natural effect without looking as uniformed as the typical Russian volume set. Particularly good for people with any slight gaps within the lash line, whereby volume fans can be placed to make the lash line look fuller.

Cluster Lashes & Prepared Fans

These lashes often get confused with Volume lashes as they are similar

to look are but are in fact very different as they are premade fans and often a lot heavier. Great for a short-term party look.

These are the main options however, any good eyelash tech will tailor the lashes to suit the individual. It’s not one size fits all, its what suits you!

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